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The Universal Metaphysics Meetup Group

Numerous times each month the UMMG holds a variety of classes, workshops, and discussion groups covering a wide variety of metaphysical topics. Perhaps a social is more in line with your plans; then join us for our quarterly socials. Not only do we offer in-house classes at various locations throughout Colorado Springs, CO, but we aren't stopping there! We are currently designing numerous online classes and webinars through the Universal Metaphysics University program. We also offer messages boards and invite you to participate in numerous polls, so we stay in touch with what interests you! Allow us to share our guidance with you while you are on your path to enlightenment.

The Universal Metaphysics Meetup Group Calendar


Universal Spirit

Metaphysical Fair

Join us in the:

The Venue at Library 21c

1175 Chapel Hills Dr.

Colorado Springs, CO



Events Center

The Universal Spirit

 Metaphysical Fair

December 5, 2015

Open to the Public!

Join us for our Universal Spirit Metaphysical Fair for a day full of workshops and discounted readings for all. Our psychics are highly experienced and have been performing readings and teaching classes and workshops for many years. They offer enlightened insights to help guide you to come to a deeper spiritual understanding within yourself and of others.

Admission = $5

Workshops = FREE!


The Venue at Library 21c
1175 Chapel Hills Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Many readings are cash only at the event and paid directly to your reader, unless other arrangements are made in advance. Thank you!! Also, please remember that there are no ATM machines on site!

We look forward to seeing you at our next Fair!

10:00am – 5:00pm Psychic Readings

  • You may pre-schedule your reading appointments or simply walk-in. See below for instructions on how to pre-schedule your readings with our practitioners.

Featured Practitioners

Booth #1

Pam "Bubblingbrook" Eubanks

Spiritual & Intuitive Healing Guide  |  Medium  |  Reiki Master  |  Access Consciousness Practitioner  |  Certified Angel Card Reader


Pam Eubanks, aka "Bubblingbrook," is a joyous spirit whose commitment to help others reach their highest potential is guided by Divine Spirit. She practices multiple healing techniques to create balance in the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. A clairvoyant/clairaudient channel, she communicates with her guides and yours to facilitate your inner journey into outer manifestation of health, prosperity, love, and joy. (719) 314-7080, www.theinnerlightweb.com





  • Readings and healings: $20 for 20 minutes.

Booth #2

Barbara Stafford, CMS-CHt

Stress Reduction  |  Hypnotherapy

Barbara Stafford is a CMS-CHt Certified Medical Support - Clinical Hypnotherapist with Colorado Springs Hypnotherapy. "I do not promise miracles - I suggest being open to them." This is what I tell my clients and I am so pleased and excited to be part of their many healing journeys. I truly love being a hypnotherapist and helping my clients realize the miracles that their subconscious mind can conceive and achieve. My specialties are stress reduction, pain control, weight alteration, and disease modification. The greatest compliment I can ever receive is the smile on my clients' faces after a session. It is such an empowering feeling for both of us. Every day that I work with my clients for their transformation is a miracle to me

I am the only Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist in Colorado Springs, having attended the internationally renowned Hypnotherapy Academy of America, as well as a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy. To learn more about me, please look at my website, CoSpringsHypnotherapy.com, contact me at Barbara@cospringshypnotherapy.com, or call (719) 238-5945. I offer free consultations to discuss my services to see if hypnotherapy is right for you.




  • 15-minute relaxation or deep sleep mini-hypnotherapy session $20


Booth #3

Robin Rakoff

Clairvoyant  |  Psychic Intuitive  |  Medium  |  Numerologist

Robin is a third-generation clairvoyant psychic intuitive, and an empath and medium. She has been reading professionally for over 20 years. Her spiritual background has led her to a deeper understanding of the role that angels and spirit guides play in our human lives. Robin has come to understand that the angels and spirits have a desire to provide loving guidance to their human counterparts here on the physical plain. In addition, Robin received her Numerologist certification in July of 2000. During the course of her training, she discovered amazing information about herself, which encouraged her to want to share numerology with others. Furthermore, Robin is an artist and offers beautiful painted artwork as well.

Receive positive spiritual guidance through Robin’s psychic readings, using Angel Healing cards. Through numerology, discover how your name and birth date will bring enlightenment to your personal strengths and your life’s purpose. Robin calculates over 28 items from information you provide and prepares a customized individual report in terminology that you can easily understand. Robin offers intuitive readings and customized numerological reports in Colorado Springs, CO and looks forward to hearing from you. To pre-schedule your reading with Robin, please call her at  (719) 448-0750 or email Robin at purpleangel17@comcast.net. 

  • Basic “fair-style” reading: $20 for 20 minutes, $40 for 40 and $60 for 60.

  • Fair Special 20% off Personal Numerology chart (reg $125). Cash only please!


Booth #4

Robert Blond

Edgar Cayce Style Past Life and Health Readings

Robert has been teaching Courses in Metaphysics, Mysticism, and Self-Awareness since 1977.  He has done over 8,000 Edgar Cayce Style Past Life and Health Readings since 1979. He is the Founder of the Self-Actualization and Enlightenment Center (a non-profit educational organization). Robert teaches classes and offers Readings throughout Colorado and surrounding states.

Edgar Cayce Style Past Life and Health Readings with Robert Blond are the shorter readings that Robert offers and are about 20% off from the regular 1 hr. readings he performs. For a full description of life and health readings, go to Robert’s website at RobertBlond.com. Robert’s readings usually get filled up early for an event like this so he would suggest to pre-register and pre-pay early. Just contact Robert and he will set up a time with you. You can email Robert at blond_robert@yahoo.com or call him at 303-688-8276.

  • Past Life Reading: $20 for 20 minutes.

  • Past Life Flow Reading (multiple past lives): $50 for 40 minutes.

  • Past Life Crossing (for 2 people): $50 for 40 minutes.

  • Health Reading (mental, emotional and physical health): $50 for 40 minutes.

Booth #5

Gaetan Michel Belleview

Psychic  |  Medium  |  Psychometry  |  Tarot

Gaetan Michel a local Colorado Springs psychic.  He is a Universal Spiritualist that believes we connect through unconditional love. He has worked as a main psychic where ghostly sightings have been seen at a specific Pueblo historical building.  He is highly intuitive, and adept at working with those individuals looking for their own insights. To reach Gaetan Michel, call (719) 571-0063 or email ilieq2@gmail.com.



  • $30 for 30 minutes

Booth #6

Rev. Lora Andrea

Ordained Minister  |  Psychic Intuitive | Spiritual Advisor

Known professionally as Rev Lora Andrea, Lora is an ordained minister of the Order of Melchizedek with a BA in Anthropology, including the study of Shamanism and other forms of mysticism. A Featured Reader on a nationally known website, she has been studying metaphysics and spirituality for more than 30 years, honing the psychic skills with which she was born. Her professional readings have been bringing comfort and insight to others for more than 10 years.

Primarily clairsentient and a highly sensitive empath, Lora is also clairvoyant and occasionally clairaudient. Using Tarot or Oracle cards to bring in her guides and yours, she channels their messages as the information is delivered -- sensitively and directly. Together you will delve into the emotional and spiritual content of your life path, examining your career, your relationships, and divining the essential information you need to make difficult life decisions. Never using the "tough love" approach, Lora will always be gently honest while ensuring you have the tools you need to reach your highest potential for personal happiness. To pre-schedule your reading with Lora, email her at ReverendLora@yahoo.com or call her at 719-659-6418.

  • Basic “fair-style” reading: $20 for 20 minutes.

  • In-depth reading: $50 for 40 minutes.

Booth #7

John "Thunderheart" Robinson

Psychic Medium  |  Healer  |  Life Path & Angel Card Reader

John currently is a sought after psychic and Sacred Sound and energy healer with 30-plus years of experience. He has been doing readings and workshops at the local fairs since 2005 in both Denver and Colorado Springs. He has trained under Doreen Virtue as a certified angel card reader and uses a combination of intuitive guidance, mediumship, psychometry, and various oracle decks in his readings. He focuses on "life path" issues and is able to tap into what is going on in a person's life and what they need to work on in order to achieve greater peach and understanding. John is also an accomplished musician and recording artist with the "Ancient Echoes" playing Native American Flute style and World Music. (719) 328-9118, innerlightcenterco@msn.com, theinnerlightweb.com. 








  • Readings: $1 per minute

Booth #8

Thom Watson

Palmist  |  Psychic  |  Spiritual Energy Healer

Thom Watson, also known as Grandfather Ravenwolf, started using alternative healing from the age of 15.  He came-in when he was 9 years old knowing his abilities and lost most of them to heal the new ailing body.  Those abilities have all come back and much, much more. He continually is learning and using his psychic abilities to help people heal and be more aware of their own abilities.  His focus is mainly on alternative wellness such as Acu-Reflex and Intuitive Energy Bodywork.  He can do so much more, that's why he added Palm Readings.  His extensive skills allow him to read both hands, both sides

Thom Watson, part of the Spirit Walkers Wellness team has been using his healing & psychic abilities since he was 15 years old to help people on their spiritual path.  His extensive abilities has allowed him to give detailed  Palm Readings.  He reads both hands, both sides.

  • $1 per minute

  • Private sessions $2 per minute

Booth #9

Lightward: Intuitive Insights for Energy Healing by Judith Light

Psychic  |  Spiritual Energy Healer

Judith Light offers intuitive insights into your experiences and relationships with yourself and others – your life!  With your expressed permission, she offers specific information to your own energetic wisdom in order to clear the tangles, knots, obstructions in your energy body across all dimensions of space and time.  Contact Judith at 719-475-0469.

  • You know when you are ready to move toward lightness of heart, mind and soul. 

  • You know when you are ready for healing, understanding, forgiveness and ah-ha!

  • You know when you are ready to thrive, in joy and peace at every moment.

  • You know when you are ready to be the change you want to see in the world by sharing your beautiful soul.

  •  $20 per 20 minute reading.

Booth #10

Readings with Bre Morningstar

Spiritual Minister  |  Clairvoyant Medium

Bre is an ordained spiritual minister, teacher, and mentor. She has been dreaming about past lives since the age of five.  She is a gifted person and does not limit her abilities, and can do anything she sets her mind to. Bre is a clairvoyant medium, healer, pet psychic, and more. She is also a Reiki practitioner with her own style of energy healing. She can see past lives and future trends

Bre does readings in her own unique style.  Being a clairvoyant medium, she will connect with loved ones and guides to help you have a clearer perspective on all life issues.  She uses tarot, but only as a tool if needed.  Bre has an uncanny ability to see and know and to hear. She likes to give another point of view. Email: bremorningstar@gmail.com or phone at (719) 321-7259.

  • Fair-style readings $20 for 20 minutes.

Booth #11

Aleta Sira Ras

Spiritual Channel  |  Psychic  |  Clairvoyant 


Aleta became aware of her abilities at a young age. With the help of her guide Samuel, she soon learned how to work with the spiritual world, and her own psychic awareness. With that awareness came the understanding that she is here to trigger others to open to their own spiritual growth.



At the age of 12, Aleta's spirit guides began teaching her about the different tools available to her to use in concert with her gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance. The first being automatic writing, which started with poetry and then shifted to information about earth and future possibilities. Her tools now include Tarot, Numerology, crystals and gems, and Life Seal Mandala paintings that help release old emotional patterns from past life trauma. Aleta is a higher self channel and an ordained minister and also does healing work that helps clear the emotional trauma stuck in the physical body.





In her readings, Aleta integrates her tools and gifts with 40 years of experience and study in metaphysics to bring clarity and light to the choices along your path. She teaches classes and workshops throuhout the year. She also handcrafts crystal and gemstone jewelry that is available to aid in healing and awakening of your true self. To contact Aleta, call (719) 495-5918 or email siraras@msn.com.




  • Readings $30 for 30 minutes

Booth #12

Destiny by Divine with Jules Kennedy

Clairvoyant  |  Psychic Intuitive  | Clairaudient

Jules has been doing psychic readings and channeling of other-worldly sources since 1985. Jules has just received an M.A. degree in Transformative Leadership and is now a doctoral student in Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University.  Her educational efforts are coupled with a work history of years in traditional social work, counseling, and various other positions. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, a channel,  and a sensitive-empath (can sense feelings and discomfort within others). Jules specializes in  psychic development/awareness, channeling, and light work technique. She has cleintele world-wide; many of these clients have been with Jules for years.  She is a certified Light Body practitioner and an author of several titles.  Jules can help you with almost any issue. No question is too petty or inconsequential, so just ask away. www.juleskennedy.com.








  • Readings $20 for 15 minutes

Booth #13

Spirit Eagle Healing

Energy Healing in Sacred Geometry w/ Selena

Selena is a Spirital Healer and Earth Steward and is an ordained minister with All Light Ministries, Int'l of Tallahassee, FL. She is a clear energy channel and is adept at intuitive energy healing. She has been trained in several healing modialities, including Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Theta Healing. She is a Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) giver. Selena facilitates a safe and non-judgmental space for healing.







Come feel special in a very sacred space, which empowers you to heal yourself at all levels; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. The hands-on healing within the copper pyramid, plus the music and crystals focus and amplify energy to promote healing. Through the power of universal love, any magnitude of healing at any level can happen as the individual accepts it. This can occur incrementally over time, or instantly. Miracles are possible and commonplace in our lives. Call (719) 684-7865 or email spiriteaglehealing@yahoo.com.



  • $60 for one hour

  • $20 for 20 minutes (minimum)


Booth #14

Judy Lekic


Aura Photography


Capture the image of your energy by having your aura photo taken. Then Judy, a gifted psychic and medium, will personally interpret the colors in your photo. Contact Judy for private readings. Judy Lekic, Thornton, CO, 303-635-2243 or visit www.alternativechanges.com.




  • Aura photo cost $30 for the photo and then Judy will read it telling you what your colors mean for you specifically. 


Booth #15

Tarot / Shamanic Healing by Christie

As an intuitive and 9th Order Healer, I enjoy being in a relationship with the spirits that guide and protect me. My guide Caroline shows me the way to connect with your guides, so we can achieve as much clarity as possible about the important questions of your heart. With the help of Spirit and my guides, we can achieve spiritual insights, encouragement, clarify, and guidance. Each reading is Spirit-directed and customized to your needs, which, in turn, facilitates your healing and understanding.

Your questions are answered using Tarot, direction from our guides, energy work, and a variety of other possible techniques. Don't be surpirsed if your loved ones come through and bring a personal message to you.

  • $20 for 20 minutes

  • $1 per minute


Booth #16

Dale Angelee Bowman


Dale Angelee Bowman is a gifted Tarot reader in Colorado Springs. She brings 20+ years of experience as a spiritual counselor, healer, ordained interfaith minister, spiritual student, and teacher of the path of Love to her readings. Over the years, Dale has learned to follow and say "yes" to Divine guidance. She is passionate about following this guidance and fulfilling her Divine purpose. This guidance has led her to teaching classes based on personal spiriutality and to providing Tarot card reading. Call (719) 660-8585, email dangelee@comcast.net, or visit www.awakenyourspirit.co.

Readings are $20 for 20 minutes.


Booth #17


Clairvoyant  |  Clairaudient  |  Psychic Healer

Santi is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, psychic healer, certified hypnotherapist, certified rebirther, spiritual and psychic teacher, and reader. From Australia, Indonesia, California, and Colorado, he has studied and taught meditation, tai chi, psychic development, psychic healing, and spiritual expansion..

Santi's psychic background includes: Taking instruction from Rev. George Daisley, Kevin Ryerson, Dr. Verna Yater, and Elwood Babbitt. Yet, he believes that everyone is his teacher because everyone has a unique wealth of wisdom and experience.

As a spiritual and psychic counselor, he coaches people to empower themselves by releasing their past and current pain. The next step is to move with peace to a state of illumination. Email Santi at sasasanti12@gmail.com.


  • $20 for 20 minutes


Booth #18

Virginia Clark

Reiki Practitioner |  Owner/Designer of Infinity Creations  |  Ordained Minister

Virginia Clark has been a Reiki practitioner and jewelry designer since 2008. She is also ordained in the Universal Life Church. Along with the first Reiki attunement came a strong interest in creating jewelry to support the energy healing process. Semi-precious beads are used to encourage chakra balancing and healing as well as connecting with goddess and angel energies.  Designs include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, meditation circlets and book thongs. Each piece is cleansed and charged with Reiki upon completion..

Pricing (Cash only please!):Pricing (Cash only please!):

  • Earrings - $7 - $10

  • Bracelets - $10 - $20

  • Necklaces - $8 - $20

  • Meditation Circlets - $14

  • Book Thongs - $6 


Booth #19

Susana Cruz | Two Moon Dream


Handmade Spiritual Tools & Jewelry

Susana has been interested in the power of stones since she was a child. She remembers her first stone. a piece of Rhodonite, given to her as a gift by her grandmother at the age of 5. "It was my treasure. I kept it in my pocket, gazed at it and rubbed it between my fingers constantly". Even though this has been a deep love for her for years she only recently started to make Malas (powerful mediation tools). It started as a gift for a friend but the reception she received was so warm and her creative fire was stoked. She borrows from different traditions to create her work. She is presently finding inspiration in the land of Odin and Thor: The West Fjords, exploring a land with a rich history of witchcraft and sorcery..

I am dedicated to supporting your spiritual evolution with lovingly made connection and meditation tools. Everyone one of my pieces is made with attention to the phases of the moon and stone energy.  I chant and weave in specific wishes and intentions into my pieces.  susanacruz@hushmail.com

Booth #20

Karen Elizabeth

Reiki  |  Facial & Body Sugar Scrubs

Licensed in cosmetology, barber, esthetics. Karen Elizabeth makes facial and body sugar scrubs infused with Reiki and tantalizing scents. Her scrubs leave your skin feeling invigorated and promotes new healthy skin growth. They are great stocking stuffers or gifts for the holidays.  

  • Reiki $30 for 30 minutes 


Booth #21 

Infinite Bliss

Infinite Bliss was created to bring healing, joy and beauty together. We, Crystal Sisters (Siuking & Siuyin) are natural intuitive, healers and teachers.  We are guided by our angels and ascended masters to provide healing with energy, light and love.  

We offer a wide range of healing crystals, handmade chakra jewelry and angel charms to help our clients to attain recovery and harmony in their body, mind and spirit.  All of our products are charged with Reiki energy to further optimize the unique  healing benefit.  Great gifts for this holiday for your special love ones, including your beloved pets.

During this show Siuking offers Akashic Record, past life, soul healing, karmic balance, energy clearing, chakra balancing.   She is a certified Angel Therapist, Medical Intuitive and spiritual Response Therapist. Discount rate is $1 per minute during this show.  20 min minimum. You may reserve your spot in advance by email us at
infinitbliss2u@gmail.com or call 720-263-2288.  


Booth #22 

Joe's Body Shop

Deep Tissue Bodywork  |  Recuperative Massage  |  Reiki/Energy Work  |  Integrative Therapies

Joe Alberto consistently exceeds his clients’ expectations and provides a sensory experience which addresses the whole mind, body, heart and spirit. Muscles relax, tension subsides, and you are left to explore and renew the inner self. Joe completed his Reiki Mastery in 1996 and his Neuromuscular/Massage training in 1998. He started his business “Joe’s Body Shop” immediately after graduating and has been away from corporate America since 2000.

Here at Joe's Body Shop we strive to bring peace and harmony to your body, mind, heart and spirit through a wide variety of bodywork techniques. We are the home of the Best Recuperative Massage in Colorado Springs! Whether your need is medical massage, injury rehab, aromatherapy, essential oil supplies and consultations, tranquility sessions, or integrative sessions where we blend energy work, chakra balancing, emotional release work and deep tissue relaxation...we will do our very best to give you the ultimate experience in healing massage and bodywork. Contact Joe at: 719-444-0708 or JoesBodyShop@yahoo.com

Booth #23

Mountain Light Healing by Dr. Verena Vomastic, PhD

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner  |  Holistic Stress Management Instructor

Verena Vomastic, PhD, is a scientist by original training. Her first career was dedicated to developing and integrating advanced technology solutions for military operations worldwide. For the past eight years, she has been following her long-standing passion for natural medicine and holistic approaches to optimizing health and well-being, which has led her to specialize in Eden Energy Medicine and bioenergetics (with the NES Health Total WellNES System). Contact Verena at (719) 648-5234, or email v2@MountainLightHealing.com. Visit MountainLightHealing.com.









Fair Specials:

Bio-Energetic Body-Field Scan and review of result screens generated by the NES Health ProVision software: 25-minute consult for $25 (includes screen shots via email)


Bio-Energetic Gift Items starting at $3 (cash and credit/debit cards welcome)

Booth #24

Christina Freshman

Foot Reflexologist  |  Young Living Essential Oils  |  Spirit Walkers Wellness

Christina Freshman started on her spiritual path in 1993 and became a Trained Reiki Master. Later she took training to be a Foot Reflexologist using energy work and essential oils.  She found she could help people in a more definitive way with reflexology and has become her love and passion.  She also uses aromatherapy for Advanced Raindrop and Neuro-Auricular Techniques.  She is a Young Living and Xocai (the healthy chocolate) associate and has bee studying nutrition for 16 years..

Christina Freshman, a foot reflexologist is part of the Spirit Walkers Wellness team.  She provides dynamic foot reflexology sessions that will not only make you feel relaxed, but also can help you relieve tension, revitalize, and regenerate so ALL body systems can come into a better state of wellness NATURALLY.Christina Freshman, a foot reflexologist is part of the Spirit Walkers Wellness team.  She provides dynamic foot reflexology sessions that will not only make you feel relaxed, but also can help you relieve tension, revitalize, and regenerate so ALL body systems can come into a better state of wellness NATURALLY.

  • $1 per minute for reflexology

  • $100 per session for Raindrop Technique


Booth #25

Kamala (Dana Gass)

Psychic Intuitive|  Tarot  |  Essential Oils

Kamala (Dana Gass) has unique intuitive abilities which allow her to pinpoint your soul issues and recommend appropriate healing oils, freeing you to enjoy life to its fullest. She has been reading tarot for 35 years and working with essential oils for 27 years. She is a proud 4th generation Coloradan and Harvard graduate who was called to healing work during a year living in China. Contact Kamala at (877) 424-1963 or visit her on the web, www.kamala.com.

  • Readings: 20 minutes for $20

  • Oils: 1 dram (1/8 oz.) $10 to $40


Booth #26

Popa Dox Art Werx

Products: Chain Maille Jerwelry Plus

Pricing: $5 to $120

Proprietors: Glennda and Doc Randall


Booth #27

The BIOMat Company

Anne Hosanah Roe is an independent distributor for the BioMat Company and owner and practitioner at Heart of Ascension.  She brings 30+ years of experience as an artist, educator, introspective arts facilitator, inter dimensional guide and wayshower.   Her sessions and practice utilize the Amethyst BioMat,  Ortho-Bionomy ( a gentle non invasive physical/energetic body therapy), light body activation with crystals, tibetan bowls, and sound .  These "light body activation" sessions inspire the body, mind and spirit to align and atune to the soulful self.

Inspire your life and health with a touchless massage on a Amethyst crystal BioMat and enjoy the silky, softness of oxygenated alkaline and ionized water. Experience your natural state of being as you luxuriate on a crystal ( Amethyst and tourmaline) mat.  Nature and technology ( think Astronauts) combine to amplify your essential
vibration.    Sit on a mini BioMat ( free) or experience a deeply restorative 15 minute ($15) or 30 minute $30. relaxation session. Receive a bonus for all paid sessions.

Contact information: (719) 200-7915, email:  
annehroe9@gmail.com, heartofascension@gmail.com, website: www.anneroe.thebiomatcompany.com



Booth #28

Indigo Moon Reiki-Energy Healing

My name is Dawn Krause. I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner and an RN. Through my search for a healing modality, I found Reiki - or better yet, Reiki found me. I had a treatment that sent me on my journey to healing my mind, body, and spirit.

Here at Indigo Moon Reiki, we want to particpate in your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Through hands-on energy work, we hope to assist you in your healing jouney. Our desire is to help you find your center, so that you may go about your life's journey with unwavering faith and peace. I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and be a conduit for you to bring the energy of the Universe into your being. Chakra balancing is our specialty. Namaste. Email indigomoonreikico@gmail.com.



Booth #29


Jewelry and Artwork with Intention from a Higher Dimension!

We are but a spec of stardust in the infinite of one. Existing but for only one moment in the time-less NOW.Two humans being- the human being, we waft through the third dimension, learning to live as one, in love, in its acquired form.

Two beings have called out with intention to each other from some higher plane of spirit…Their twin-flames burn in the act of creation.These creations through other human being donations,will continue to evolve until the end of them.  We are beings of light and love and wish for all who are being to resonate with this vibration.

Beings are about creation with intention from a higher dimension.

Each stone wire wrapped jewelry piece of art is a unique and individual talisman that resonate the love vibration.  We do this for you to connect with the earth through you feet and transcend above your head to the infinite.  Just BE. Erin Tierson and Brandon Hunter, www.beings.rocks


Free Workshops

Join us every hour from 11am through 4pm for free workshops in the ENT Conference Center, right across the hall!


Jules Kennedy Presents

~ Destiny by Design / Manifesting Your Vision ~


Verena Vomastic, PhD Presents

~ See the Unseen / Optimizing Health and Well-Being Through Energy and Information ~


Barbara Stafford Presents

~ Discover Relaxation ~


Robert Blond Presents

~ Infinite Awares Through Past Lives and Karma ~


Bre Morningstar Presents

Exploring the Science Behind Psychic Abilities


Judith Light Presents

~ Spirituality and Emotions - Getting to Peace and Joy ~


Looking forward to having you join us!

Date: Saturday, December 5th

Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm


The Venue at Library 21c
1175 Chapel Hills Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Click here for a map!